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hands of solace

Gently helping clients feel like themselves again.

Moving to 1151 W. Main St, Richmond VT in June 2024

Hands of Solace provides clinical massage therapy to help people reconnect with their bodies in times of change and stress.

Gentle, thoughtful therapeutic massage is performed by a practitioner who has had surgery for cancer treatment and understands the process of recovering from surgery.

Burlington, VT massage therapist Charlotte Phillips is a certified Dr. Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage therapist. I specialize in oncolgy massage (massage during and after cancer treatment), scar tissue massage, manual lymph drainage, myofascial release, and relaxation massage.


Charlotte Phillips, clinical massage therapist

Image of a white woman with glasses smiling at the camera. Picture of Charlotte Phillips, clinical massage therapist.

I became a massage therapist in order to work with cancer survivors and people after surgery. This is a very personal population to me since I am included in it. My own surgeries for a rare skin cancer in 2000 led me to massage school and focused my continuing education on manual lymph drainage, myofascial release, and scar tissue work.


I've been a practicing massage therapist since June 2005, and I love my job. I work with my hands, heart, and brain all at once, and I get to blend science, clinical reasoning and intuition with a deep connection with my clients. I am so honored to be present for the process my clients go through as they discover who they are after their diagnoses and what their new normal is. I find my sessions range from manual lymph drainage to help with swelling after breast cancer treatment to myofascial release of scar tissue causing pain and restriction after surgery to soothing relaxation sessions helping the mind and body reconnect in times of grief, change and stress.


Massage doesn't have to hurt in order to be effective, and I enjoy finding the right level of work to support each body in its healing process.

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All sessions are charged based on time rather than technique used. I do not accept insurance as payment for a massage session. While I appreciate the thought, I do not accept tips.


Initial sessions include an additional free 30 minutes of intake and goal setting time.

Massage Prices

60 minutes: $90

90 minutes: $135

2 hours notice is requested for all cancellations and rescheduling to avoid being charged the full session fee.

Masks are welcome.

Click the button below for additional policies.

Massage Techniques

Oncology Massage, or Massage During and After Cancer Treatment

Oncology massage is educated, thoughtful massage provided for people who are going though cancer treatment or who have a history of cancer. Adaptations are made with positioning, pressure, and technique to ensure the client's comfort and safety receiving massage during the treatment or recovery process. If necessary, the client’s medical team will be consulted regarding the safety and adjustments of massage therapy. Goals typically include increasing relaxation as well as decreasing anxiety and pain.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

This type of massage addresses the connective tissue that is found under the skin, surrounding each muscle fiber, muscle bundle, and organ. It is one continuous structure, surrounding and interpenetrating all these different types of tissue. Fascial work often feels slow and stretchy in comparison to traditional massage. Some of the benefits I find using this technique are improved posture, decreased pain, and reduced scar tissue.

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

MLD is a light, rhythmic technique that uses strokes on the skin to encourage the lymphatic system to work more effectively. This incredibly relaxing sequence helps to reduce swelling, edema, and any fluid accumulation. My advanced training allows me to use this technique to move fluid from an area with damaged lymph nodes to an area with healthy nodes. This can be a major benefit to people suffering from lymphedema, whether due to surgery, breast cancer treatment, or another cause. MLD can also be used to address hip replacements, osteoarthritis, recovery from knee or other surgeries, headaches, fatigue and fibromyalgia. MLD reduces pain, calms the "flight or fight" side of the nervous system, supports the immune system, and decongests tissue.


New Clients: please fill out the form to be added to my waitlist

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By Appointment only.

1151 W. Main St

Richmond VT   05477


Online scheduling is limited to returning clients.

New client scheduling is prioritized for people with a cancer history. 

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